Kontemplasi: Jurnal Ilmu-Ilmu Ushuluddin

Kontemplasi is a multidisciplinary academic journal published by Islamic Theology Faculty of Adab and Dakwah IAIN Tulungagung. Kontemplasi publishes two issues every year (in August and December). Its principal concern includes research development and knowledge dissemination on issues related to Islamic theology, hermeneutic, sociology, philosophy, communication, hadith, and else. Each published article belongs to a particular viewpoint of the author and does not represent the view of the publisher and editors. All published articles can be accessed through our online platform at http://ejournal.iain-tulungagung.ac.id.

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The themes of Jurnal Kontemplasi




Sub themes



Moderate Islam

1. The History of Moderate Islam

2. The Policy of Moderate Islam in Indonesia

3. The Practices of Moderate Islam in Higher Education

4. The Obstacles and Opportunities of Moderate Islam in Indonesia

5. Moderate Islam and Moslem Organizations in Indonesia


31th March 2019


Islam and Local Wisdom

1) Javanese Islam

2) Islam and local culture

3) Sufism and local wisdom in Indonesia

4) Islam and indigenous religions paradigm

5) Islam on Art, Architect, and Music in Indonesia


31th August 2019


Islam, State and Society

I. Islam and politic recognition

II. Islam and Democracy

III. Islam, Public Sphere, and State Policy

IV. Islam and Human Right


31th March 2020


Islam and Environmentalism

A. Islamic Environmentalism

B. Islam, Nature and Ecology

C. Islam and Natural Source Conflict in Indonesia

D. Eco-jihad, Islam and Climate Change


31th August 2020



Posted: 2018-12-10
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