Gerakan Khuru>j fi> Sabi>lilla>h Sebagai Upaya Edukasi Membentuk Karakter Masyarakat: Studi Kasus Dakwah Jama>’ah Tabli>gh Temboro Magetan Melalui Pendekatan Framing

Moh. Yusuf


The existence of the movement khuru>j fi> sabi>lilla>h Jama'ah Tabli>gh was first present at Temboro, Magetan faced many obstacles. Obstacles not only by the preaching community that existed first but the structure of political opportunity as well providing a challenge that is not trivial. In the end, the da'wah khuru> jf> sabi> lilla> h movement is able to form the character of Temboro Muslim citizens into a typical Islamic-salafi society through educational da'wah khuru>j fi> sabi>lilla>h. This study uses framing theory as an analytical tool in reading events, framing experiences into meaning and guiding collective action. Jama> 'ah Tabli> gh can cultivate the interest of the people of Temboro to khuru>j fi> sabi>lilla>h with the conception of meaning framed, that khuru>j fi> sabi>lilla>h is manha>j "salaf al-s{a>lih} "(salafi>), and the model of" walisanga "preaching.


Keyowrds: Jama’ah Tabli>gh, khuru>j fi> sabi>lilla>h, education, framing.

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