Ahmad Budiman


Differences of Islamic economic system and capitalist economic
system are not only its application but also philosophy.
Above this different philosophy is structured target, different
principles and norm. This matter because confidence of
someone influence the way of approach in forming personality,
behavioral, life style, and human being appetite. In broader
context, confidence also influence attitude to others, resource,
and environment. In capitalist system, God is retired. This
Matter is reflected in concept “faire laissez” and “invisible
hand”. Through this philosophy, we can consider the target
of capitalist economics only merely its growth for individual
satisfaction. Islamic economic philosophy in general can be
seen from al-Muthaffifin (1- 6). Allah said: 1) Woe to those
who cheat. 2) (Namely) those who, when receiving the dose
of other people they ask  fulfilled. 3) And when they measure
or weigh for others, they reduce. 4) It is not the people think
that they will be resurrected Indeed. 5) On a great day. 6)
(ie) the day (when) people are standing facing the Lord of the
Worlds. But in its development has occurred mixing of two
different systems. Islamic Economics is clearly  differently
from capitalist economy actually mixed the mortar in order to
gain the maximum profit.

Keywords: Capitalism, Islamic Economic

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