Siti Kalimah, Nur Fadilah


Abstract: This research is based on the rise of businessmen who are justlooking for profit, and also the phenomenon that occurs based on the realityof the current trend, many businesses that use sharia or religion as a boosterof material gain, or politicization. But it is different with the business thatis doing by manufacturers from Jombang, creating something simple to beextraordinary, bringing benefits and even blessings. Positive small thingsand done according to the demands of sharia bring benefits and blessings.There are some purpose of this study,the first is to understand shariamarketing, secondly, to analyze the implementation of sharia marketing onthe business of The otak- otak of Kenzi's. This research was conducted tobusiness owners of the otak- otak kenzie in Blimbing Village, GudoJombang, employees and customers or the community. The process ofcollecting data by interview method, observation and documentation. Usingqualitative descriptive analysis is to describe the results of interviews ofrespondents, then analyze it with the theory. The results of this research isto show that the business owner of the kenzie product implicitly understandsand implements the syariah values in its business activities. Shariaimplementation is reflected on shariah marketing strategy, which is thesegmentation of the public market and target market of upper middleeconomic society and to atrack the hearts of its consumers with friendly andhonest service. In the case of shariah marketing tactic, including are halalproducts, standard price according to sharia, which is related to the locationof businesssworth according to syaraiah. In sharia marketing value, there are some value,that can given some benefits for consumers including: healthy,halal elements and well in accordance with the Qur'an that orderedhumans to eat clean food, take a holy and healthy way. From the shariahspiritual image related to the principle of honesty of hospitality that must beowned by a businessman,he feels that Allahis always watching everywhere,so both the value of sharia and the principles of sharia is very importantand useful in the business world. And from the existing phenomenonSharia-labeled marketing is not Islamization or religious commercialism,but it is a way asameans in offering products produced in a business, theimpact of the economy of a society will also increase, religion is not used asdemolisher of the economy, to seek material , but sharia or religionasmeasureand also as a rule that underlies human behavior. Religion andeconomics can not be compared, but go hand. Religion is notto be traded ineconomic interests, but the advanced of the economy is due to the religiousrules.


marketing, sharia marketing, analyze of business product

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