M. Darin Arif Muallifin


This article discusses various issues related to the practices of
corruption. Corruption is nothing new and nothing to do with the
law of halal and haram. It exists long time ago and make adjustment
successfully to any changes of the rule in the country. In short,
corruption is part of the country’s culture. In this case, corruption
includes the practices of bribery, manipulation, and any practices
harmful to the country. Corruption is categorized as systemic crime
which must be eradicated systematically. In the field of Law there is a
theory of Legal System by Lawrence M. Friedman proposed to solve
the problem of corruption including legal substance, legal structure,
and legal culture.

Kata kunci: Problematika Korupsi, Pemberantasan, Peran KPK,
Peran Masyarakat

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