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In case of dispute settlement via the outside court, then offered several
alternative dispute resolutions which give the ease with which the
process is fast, cheap and resolved as well as possible, one of which
uses the process of arbitration. Arbitration is the most interesting
option in order to resolve the dispute in accordance with their wishes
and needs. So, resolving disputes through arbitration is regulated
specifically in Act No. 30/1999 regarding arbitration and alternative
dispute resolution. In many civil agreement cases, arbitrate clause
widely used as dispute for resolution options. Legal opinion given
arbitration institutions are independent, final, and binding. Because
of the opinions given will be the part that is inseparable from the
agreement staples. Each of the opposite opinion against the opinion
of the law means a violation of the Covenant (breach actions of
contract-tort). Therefore resistance cannot be made in the form of
any remedy. In this paper discusses about the arbitration as dispute
resolution institutions according to act No. 30/1999 which include:
understanding of arbitration, the arbitral seat as non litigation, pros
and cons of arbitration dispute, the kind that become arbitration
authority, implementation of the ruling of the arbitration and the
strengths of arbitration decision.

Kata kunci: Arbitrase, Lembaga Penyelesaian Sengketa, Undang-Undang No. 30 Tahun 1999

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