Habib Wahidatul Ihtiar


This study was conducted concerning the real condition in the society
indicating that people in Trenggalek still do Tiban ritual, which is not
prescribed by Fiqh, to expect the coming of the rain after a long dry
season, in contrast to asking for the rain to Allah SWT. The focuses of
this study are (1) why do the people in Trenggalek district still conduct
Tiban ritual? (2) How do people in Trenggalek district practice Tiban
ritual? (3) How is Fiqh perspective towards Tiban ritual in Trenggalek
district? This study was qualitative research employing field research
design. To obtain valid and accurate data, the data collecting methods
were (1) Determining informants, (2) Observation, and (3) Deep
interview. The data were then analyzed by using interactive method.
The results of this study were as the following; (1) There were three
reasons why the people in Trenggalek district do Tiban tradition. The
first is due to a long dry season. The second is the believe of people
that Tiban tradition is the quicker way to ask for the rain, and the last
is that Tiban tradition is highly expected as a media to perpetuate the
ancient culture; (2) The practice of Tiban tradition consists of three
steps: opening step, action step, and closing step; (3) From Fiqh
perspective, it can be said that Tiban is such a forbidden tradition.

Kata kunci: Tradisi Tiban, Fiqh

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